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The title refers to the nine songs played by eight different rock bands that complement the story of the scene. It was controversial upon original release due to its sexual content, which included unsimulated footage of the two leads, Cum O'Brien and Margo Stilleyhaving sexual intercourse and performing oral sex as songs as a scene of ejaculation.

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The film was showcased at the Cannes Film Festival. The film tells the modern love story set over a period of 12 months in London, England, of a young couple: Matt, a British climatologistand Lisa, an American exchange student.

The story is framed in a personal review from Matt's perspective when he is working in Antarctica. Their main common interest is a passion for live music and they frequently attend cum concerts together.

Margo Stilley - 9 songs (2004) part II

The film depicts the couple, or Matt alone, watching the nine songs at Brixton Academy and other songs venues. It also shows their bettie page nude photo scene into the countryside, and their travels around London.

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Lisa brings their short and intense relationship to an end at Christmas time when she returns to the United States.