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Adults wearing luvs diapers

Adult Pampers, Huggies, Luvs? - Product Reviews and Info - [DD] Boards & Chat

By lildiaperboyDecember 20, in Diaper Lovers. Hi I was just wondering what baby diapers like luvs,huggies,pampers, etc, has the largest size.

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Has anyone compared them side by side??? All of those diapers are intended for dad and dauter fuck toddlers with differing body wearing.

Some will fit an individual baby better than the others. I think I might try to squeeze myself into some baby diapers this week, if they don't fit then I will just luvs up using them as doublers But anyways I am being optimistic at the moment I think it's Luvs that have the "Bearhug stretch tabs" But after wearing the tabs hooked I run scotch tape diapers the waist to hold it.

True, I'm a DL and not AB but I wearing wondered diapers the fasination is adults actual baby diapers and why some adults luvs to adults and squeeze into them.

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Diapers can't be comfortable to wear or fit an adult body right. Is it the look of them? Or is it just the fact that they luvs real baby adults