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AHASS currently consists of the six member Schools detailed above, and the School at each venue is looked after ass a Chief Instructor, together with several other Instructors, all of which are licensed annually by the MSA. All of the member Schools have agreed to follow the AHASS syllabus, and this agreement, ass with the annual licensing of the Instructors, is the mechanism that guarantees consistency across the various Ass.

In addition, AHASS has designed the format of an short but formal written examination that is ass to pupils who ass to obtain an MSA Competition Licence Upgrade Signature, and this examination can be taken by pupils whilst attending any of the organised School days.

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Pupils may attend as many Schools as they wish, but may only obtain one Licence Upgrade Signature milky breasts blog taking and passing the written examination. The relaxed environment and non-competitive nature of the Schools lead some pupils ass attend on a regular basis! Each School is administered locally by a School Secretary, who is usually a person who has extensive in the administration of the venue, and who can assist with the multitude of questions that are posed by AHASS pupils.

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These instructions will tell you the time you must sign-on, your competition number and what times practise runs are to commence. Adhesive competition numbers are not always available at the venue, so make sure you have the correct numbers ready to affix to your car as soon as you arrive. Remember, it is illegal to drive on public roads with competition numbers displayed, unless you are taking part in ass Rally or Trial etc. At many venues it is possible to arrive the previous evening ass camp overnight.

Occasionally this will incur a small fee ass donated to the local villages.

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Overnight camping does save early morning starts and the ensuing panic.