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Anal fistula and rectal cancer

We herein report a case of rectosigmoid cancer metastasizing to a fistula in ano.

Anal Fistula

A year-old man complaining of anal bleeding consulted another hospital. He had been suffering from an anal cancer since 7 years. On the left upper side of the skin surface around the anus a and end was seen as a hole that free gezel porn down into the back passage, although no hard tumor was palpable on the hole. Complete colonoscopy revealed an fistula tumor in the rectosigmoid colon.

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On 5 Februaryanterior resection and lymphadenectomy was performed. The anal fistula was rectal simple type and mucinous discharge was not observed. On 23 Februarycoring out the anal fistula was performed anal the former hospital.

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Pathological diagnosis of the excised fistula revealed well-differentiated adenocarcinoma; identical to the colon tumor. Immunohistochemical staining of these two lesions were negative for CK 7 but staining with CK20 revealed some stained tumor cells in two lesions. We diagnosed this tumor as metastatic adenocarcinoma from a rectosigmoid cancer.