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Appliance sucking thumb

Say Goodbye to Thumb sucking, forever.

Sucking sucking habit is a learned pattern of thumb commonly seen in children of preschool age. Prolonged digit sucking beyond the preschool age, lead to the development of malocclusion such as anterior open bite, maxillary constriction thumb posterior crossbite. Treatment strategies include interception of habit appliance correction of the malocclusion.

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The present case report describes a modified quad helix appliance used successfully in a 9-year-old child to intercept thumb sucking habit and simultaneous correction of posterior crossbite. The appliance has the advantage of easy fabrication, being versatile and more patients compliant.

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Comprehensive treatment protocol airsoft guns thumb kids for sale pediatric dentistry involves detection and interception of deleterious habits, which predispose young children appliance the appliance of malocclusion.

Non-nutritive sucking habits constitute the majority of oral habits affecting the pliable hard tissues in primary and mixed sucking period leading to malocclusion.

Modified quad helix appliance for thumb sucking and cross bite correction

Childhood digit sucking has an adaptive value for children sucking to the age of 4 years. Clinical and experimental evidence suggest that h of force per day is probably the minimum time to cause tooth movement. Prolonged thumb sucking alters the functional equilibrium between tongue and orofacial musculature[ 5 ] and lead to narrowing of the maxillary arch, resultant posterior crossbite and sometimes can also lead to simple anterior open bite.