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Artificial girl 3 nude

Artificial Girl 3 [ edit ]. A lot of information here looks like it's out of date as of version 1.

Artificial Girl 3: H Guide - Hgames Wiki

I don't have all data, and perhaps someone else's observations would fill in more information, nude more reliable information. Alright, I'm going to sandbox some girl here again, after cleaning nude the old info already integrated into the article.

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There is a lot of repeated information that could be consolidated into general sections, and consolidate descriptions to the information specific to the situation.

Also, instead of repeating content here and gameplay guide, just refer to that page and keep any controls dealing with H-mode here.

Artificial Girl 3 Uncensor patch

You attempt an H-scene with the Right-Button when you're close to a girl you're facing. The positions and actions possible will depend on how the girl is positioned when you attempt. A girl's girl with you is as important in determining; the more satisfying H-scenes the artificial has had with old nude sucks dick, the more likely she is to engage in H.

A Timid girl in Blue who you've had many scenes with may still accept, even with a little persistence, and a Lewd girl with girl Friendship may still be reluctant.

Also, the girl's ecchi level influences how willing she will be.

"Artificial Girl 3" nude mods

If her level is high enough, she may be the one to attempt to engage, as explained in [ next section ].

When a girl's ecchi need or Jealousy level is high enough, she may initiate H, and can succeed if artificial in the proper position. For the girl to take initiative in engaging in H, she must have a Red or Yellow icon and maximum ecchi.

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In the Expansion, Blue and Green girls are more likely to leave to masturbate, but may artificial initiate.