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Baby boomer s sex

What Baby Boomers Talk About When We Talk About Sex

For example — I never, boomer imagined that one day I might be a blogger. Secondly — in addition to the fact that I never thought I would be a blogger, what was even further from this thought was that I would ever write about the topic of sex.

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And chances are we have even educated our own children about the topic. With the increase in older people dating often due to later divorce or death of boomer partnermany older people are now having unprotected sex.

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As a result, the increase of sexually transmitted infections STIs for older people is skyrocketing. They represent a five per cent increase in syphilis, a per cent increase in chlamydia and an 87 per cent rise in gonorrhea. When baby boomers started having sex, pregnancy was often the first and only issue that was considered.

Why Baby Boomers Need Sex Education

Now that this potentially is no longer a concern for older baby, protection is often not thought of as being necessary. Often many older people had previous sex term sexual relationships where protection was not necessary.

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They are taking these same assumptions sex old baby into new sexual encounters without considering the possible consequences. So if someone is infected, they may not even know it. There can sometimes be a preconceived belief that older individuals are not sexually active.