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Big brother after dark unrated

The X-rated episode has been slammed by uncomfortable viewers - unrated it's not the first time the show has got raunchy.

Big Brother After Dark Returns

The two housemates have brother slammed by fans after they got seriously racy underneath the sheets, with many blasting Channel 5 for airing the graphic moments on TV. Officials for the programme have declined to comment on the controversy - but it's not the first after the show has shown steamy scenes. Oh, Kinga - the housemate really made an impact in Dark Brother big brother she entered the house on Day It didn't take long for her unrated make headlines brother a VERY raunchy moment when she drunkenly revealed she intended to, erm, pleasure ashley nicole arthur nude with a wine bottle.

She then after out into the garden for a bit of 'alone time' - although she later insisted she was only pretending. Makosi Musambasi and Anthony Hutton had a steamy kiss in the hot tub during the sixth series, after some naughty dark.

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However, Makosi shocked viewers in the Diary Room as she claimed she needed to take a pregnancy test. Anthony denied having sex with her, and five years later on Ultimate Big Brother she would apologise for dark "mistake".

Michelle Bass and Stuart Wilson became the first couple in Big Brother history to have sex on the show.

Big Brother: 17 of the filthiest, dirtiest, most shocking moments ever on the show

Appearing on BB5, the couple took things to another level unrated the dining table, with sheets draped over to create a naughty fort. Steven Goode and Kimberly Kisselovich ensured that the words 'open it' will give Big Brother fans flashbacks after al these years. The couple - who would later get married - took things to a much more graphic and x-rated level as they fumbled under the sheets.

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