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Fuck and Silent Bob Strike Back. Yeah, but then they made "She's All That" and it went downhill from there. Yeah, and forego the hundreds of thousands of dollars you would be kitty to in the process.

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back quotes

I mean, I don't think I'm alone in the world in imagining this flick may be the worst idea since Greedo shooting first. Boom know it, boom Who'd pay to see that? So, you think I could get a little kiss for good luck? Think I could get a little blow job for good luck?

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What's twistin' this bitches tit? Maybe it's because girls don't like to be called bitches, Jay.

bitch i got a new pooper scooper so take your shit somewhere else

How 'bout fine piece of ass? Something sweet, ya big goof. It's nice to meet you. Justice, that's a nice name