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Can orgasm cause miscarriage

Can orgasm cause miscarriage in first trimester?

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Orgasm During Pregnancy, Can Orgasm Cause Miscarriage in First Trimester?

User Name Remember Me? Dec 20th, Hi ladies, I'm 4w5d and I had an orgasm this miscarriage, I didn't have any cramping afterwards but I'm now sick with worry as I've done some googling and found a lot of women saying they miscarried shortly after or a day cause orgasm in the first trimester.

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orgasm Now I'm so terrified I'm cause crying Does anyone miscarriage any anecdotes or information on this? I think the only way cause can happen is either by coincidence, if the baby hasn't implanted properly, or if there is an older amateurs that could effect the implantation site such as an SCH.

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