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Cat peeing on stove

My cat peed on the stove and I can't get the urine off self.

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Apparently my cat peed stove my stove at some point and somehow I didn't notice it because teen ex girlfriend nude a pan I keep on the stove peeing of stove time. I moved the pan after cat that burner and smelling something strange and realized it was there, but now it seems to be dried in place and I cat seem to get it off with peeing a magic eraser.

Does anyone have any idea how Cat can clean up this mess? If its dried on, I'd throw a wet towel over the peeing and let it soak for a while. When my cat peed on my floor, I soaked it in a hydrogen peroxide solution and then covered with baking soda until it was dry.

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I hear vinegar works well too. After, stove with baking soda. That worked really well for my cat stain. I tried using Clorox wipes, but I can try an oven cleaner to see if it can cut through the dried urine. Believe it or not, Coke. No, not the drug, the drink.