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Cedar strip planking

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We offer strips of both western red cedar and Alaskan yellow cedar. You can use a mixture of both and develop your own unique strip design as you build your boat.

The Cedar Strip Boat Building Technique (Stage 1)

We recommend a mix of roughly one third light strips yellow cedar or paulownia and two thirds dark red cedar strips, or one third dark and two strip light. The colour of western red cedar varies from dark to medium, not just from tree to tree but often along cedar length of the strips.

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We may be able to accommodate special requirements for colours on your request, or you can stain the wood strip make a more consistent colour, but we recommend you embrace the natural variation of free horse pussy porn and use it to full effect in your design.

Paulownia is even lighter.

Wood Strip Planking Boatbuilding

This makes the process of building a cedar-strip boat much less fiddly and more enjoyable. The beads and coves are precision-cut planking easy construction of smooth hulls.

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We use our custom-made machinery to produce these cedar strips with tight tolerances at a reasonable price. The strips measure 6 mm by 19 mm and vary in length from about m about feet. If you tell us your requirements, we will try to planking the wood in lengths of about the right size for your convenience.