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Choking on saliva throat

What Are the Common Causes of Choking on Saliva?

I have sleep apnea which was diagnosed in In the day time I wear a silicone plug in my stoma which was made for me by the doctor who performed choking tracheostomy. At night I replace the plug with a Montgomery tube. Sometimes when I'm at home I go without the plug. I've noticed that when I eat, a lot of saliva seems to drain down my trachea.

PLEASE HELP!!! what's wrong with me? I keep choking on my saliva

I cover the tracheostomy with a paper towel and cough it out. This does not seem to happen when I have the plug inserted. Throat I think the same amount of saliva must be going into my tracheostomy when eating whether I'm wearing the plug or not. I don't notice the need to cough up the extra saliva when wearing the plug.

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Law of ueki hentai this just something that happens saliva everyone when they eat and the saliva is absorbed or what? I throat had 2 real bad situations of chocking on my saliva.

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The first time, it choking me terribly that I literally could not breathe. Freaked out, having my choking month old grand-daughter glued to the preschool station on TV, I calmly put myself into priority mode. Don't alarm the baby, call and go out throat the frontdoor leaving the front door open so baby could walk around outside and somebody saliva see her.

I got the phone, dialed and wouldn't you know it, it said the number I saliva was