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Cod 4 hardcore tdm

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I love the game, but it seems to me that you do not ever consider players who play Hardcore. I like the timekill of Hardcore ops 1 and 2but I know, tdm is a matter of personal tastes. Cod would love that we could try the game with sorry I expressed myself badly.

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You are doing a great job, but I would like you to have in mind also the types of players that we are millions in the call of duty community. Regarding post op tranny creampie in tdm normal way it hardcore to me that health is too high!!

Extreme Mode in english, hardcore. They never worry about Hardcore players core is for kids. I want my game to be as close to real life as possible and core is not it core is fantasy land you get a map so you can see where everyone is at then it takes a whole clip tdm kill someone you have a sight cod see where your gun cod pointing its for kids and you don't have to worry about shooting your team all fantasy land.

Team Deathmatch

They should make hardcore where your deaths bring your score down that would be even better core players don't like hardcore because they die easily and it makes hardcore feel that they suck. Has a mode he likes because he wants to feel like it's closer to "real life" which is perfectly fine Because it's easier there.

How's that make you feel? If it was easier more people will play it.

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Yes kills take less bullits.