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Come to my house and fuck me

Willie D – Fuck Me Now Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

MJG] A natural fact, house I pimp tracks fuck freak around The game got cracks in them pipes, it's leaking town My lines blow your mind, your senses remain puzzled You're trying to give me props, but you can't, your mouth muzzled Attacked by the weight of the fuck, in your chest 8Ball, MJG, MC Ren, nevertheless Cause we's the most My real-ass lizards, let's make a come And single out the bustas and force them to come ghost And coast to coast We shows come in network While some try to impress people, and get hurt Deep thoughts cloud my conscience as I house Up raven riley blowjob house the corner on hand, and then I hurl Call my girl, tell her I'm drunk and can't make it I tried to drink the whole damn bar and couldn't take it That's all right cause come sunrise, I'm and rolling My nuts the only title I'm claiming and still holding [Hook: MC Ren] Now who in the fuck wanna come and represent?

You bitch ass niggas y'all be too hesitant I, take my black ass, down to the south Bitches wanna fuck me while I'm in anna teen porn Suave House Nigga, who in the fuck wanna come and represent? Oh, I know you suck that dick, acting too hesitant And, MJG, Eightball, Villain, make that straight nigga shit And how these niggas feeling [8Ball] Guess wo popped up straight up out the cuts With lyrical buckshots spilling all a nigga guts Touch whoever witness strays when I displays A fuck different ways to get paid with a phrase Days go by, Fuck be hibernating getting high Dreaming about L.

They had this song I house back in the day called Space Age Pimpin.


I was out of town when I heard it, and I remember thinking, Damn, this shit is hard. These niggas is tight. I listened to that song all and over and over and over. I remember seeing their video when come first came out, but I cant remember the name of the song.

Fuck Me Now

They hooked it up, and I went down to Houston, cause thats where Suave House was at the time. We all just got together and knocked that shit out, and it came out cool as fuck.

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