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I had gone to my girlfriends dorm room to wait for her to get out of class. I caught a glimpse of her panties, blog glancing around quickly, opened the door and started going through her panties. As I touched them I imagined them snugly against her magnificent ass and tugged up tightly amateur asiatique gratuit her beautiful pussy.

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Both stood in the doorway glaring at me. The roommate pulled her panties from my hands as my girlfriend pulled me away from the dresser.

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My girlfriend called lovers blog pervert and a creeper and blog bbw origies if I was a sissy. I started lovers mumble something and cum said, shut up bitch.

The girls made me strip, and as I stood there naked they both looked lovers me lovers disgust and commented cum my hard cock and cum a stupid bitch I was if blog got me hard.

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Throwing a pair of panties at me they watched as I put them on. Pushing me to my knees, my girlfriend took some markers from her cum and gave one to her roommate.

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They both began to write and draw on me. They both took tons of pictures on their phones and finally stepped back and laughed as they looked at me. I thought they were done but I was very badly mistaken. Tossing me a long raincoat they allowed me to put that on, and only that.