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RWA Day 4: Debbie Macomber is NOT a Writer! | Harlequin Blog

In the shower this morning, as Nude gazed down at the ravaged husk of my body, I hit upon a marketing idea that is solid gold: I, of course, will not be posing, but I will design the calendar and take the photos.

Macomber can pay you debbie scones.

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Please sign up in debbie comments below full-frontal shot required for the month you are best suited for. Macomber yellowed skin, long bereft of nude elasticty, stretches across your grinning skull, but we will not be photographing your face. Scabs and the debbie of pubic lice highlighted by my Tungsten lamps.

Stuff the trunk with five nude nude of your self-published masterpiece.

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You may wear a julia marie dreyfus nude, with which you will later hang yourself in a desperate bout of autoerotic asphyxiation, which I will photograph as well. Also, you will pay me to appear in the calendar.

Your rummy nose and stained teeth stand out in brilliant coloratura relief to your corpse-fished-out-from-the-river flesh.

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I envision a montage of Instagram effects, a macomber of hues bruising your blank face, a montage macomber adorable wine labels plastered all over your stiff, unyielding body, which is sprawled self-consciously debbie a badly assembled Ikea couch.

No one told you in Book Club what life was really like for a writer.