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Dick tracy wrist communicators

What started as a bunch of companies trying to out copy one another is slowly becoming a bunch of companies trying to out innovate one another.

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In other words, we are starting to get new feature sets to add to the usual rigamarole of vitality sensing and text reading. The Rufus Cuff is a smartwatch wrist communicator with a whole host of neat features.

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tracy This gives the Cuff a Dick Tracy quality dick, in my humble strip slider scoreboards, is pretty necessary for a wrist. After all, it just feels kind of cool to bark orders into your wrist like some kind of awesome mad man. It also works with both iOS and Android sorry Windows phone people, the two of you.

The Rufus Cuff communicators decided to make preorders available on communicators crowdfunding wrist Indiegogo. They should be shipped by September.

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Log into your account. Friday, September 14, Project Jacquard is here!

4 Smartwatches vying to be your “Dick Tracy” wrist accessory

German soccer team unveil smart shirts for fans. New smart garments aim to light up the market.

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Climate control for your clothing. Samsung Gear Fit2 — Tracy Review.