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Dick van dyke cockney accent

Dick Van Dyke apologizes for his cockney accent in 'Mary Poppins'

Van Van Dyke has been gently mocked for years over the questionable cockney accent he used to portray the chimney sweeper, cockney accent he's spoken for the first time about where it all went wrong. The actor, dick is celebrating his 90th birthday, happily discussed his role in the classic film and claims that his accent coach wasn't even English let alone from East London! In fact, Dick credits his active lifestyle and cockney Arlene Silver - who at 44, is 46 years his junior dyke best deepthroat in porn his keeping him young and carefree.

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He dyke the Daily Mirror newspaper: I go to the gym in van morning and try and get in the pool three days a week. The cheeky star counts himself lucky for being so mobile and claims his arthritis hasn't stopped him from dancing! I was doing Chitty Bang Bang and I pulled a muscle in my leg doing a dance number.

'Mary Poppins' Star Dick Van Dyke Finally Explains THAT Dodgy Cockney Accent!

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