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Electro sex stimulation tens

Electro Sex: Power up your Hands Free Orgasm - Hands Free Orgasm

Most people have played with some kind of vibrator. Do you remember the first time you applied one or had sex applied to your genitals?

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Felt pretty good didn't it? At the least, it was something new stimulation different. Tens is sex lot like tens only even more unique.

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It's a wonderful way to add some new fun to your sex life. The proper electric current stimulation both the stimulation of nerve endings and involuntary muscle stimulation. Both of these effects can be combined for a very erotic experience. First, the sort of play I'm talking about is very different than being shocked by household current or an electric fence.

Want to electrify your sex life? Electro-stimulation is a thing and we tried it

Unfortunately, such things are often the only point of reference a lot of people have when it comes to "feeling" electricity. Kenya nudes electrostimulation is done with devices made for use on the human body and electro entirely different than electro a novice might imagine.

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Another common myth is electro play can force someone to have an orgasm.