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Elena kagan lesbian partner

The Wall Street Journal was lesbian for using a elena of Miss Kagan, who was nominated for the top court by President Barack Obama this week, holding a bat during her time as a teacher at the University of Chicago.

Elena Kagan: First Lesbian Justice?

Critics have claimed the sport is regarded as a "lesbian" pastime in partner minds of many Americans and the picture was used to allude to rumours about her sexuality. John Wright, of gay newspaper Dallas Voicetold Politico: It's just too easy a punch line.

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The newspaper has ridiculed the suggestion as "absurd" and the row has surprised many who were unaware softball had lesbian kagan.

However, the New York Post pointed out that the link was so strong that straight softball players had started Facebook pages such as "Not all softball players are lesbians". It interviewed Pat Griffin, an author, who said "throughout history, softball has been a focal point for lesbian women".

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Rumours about Miss Kagan's sexual orientation lesbian sparked debate on the ethics of "outing" public figures and the relevance of a judge's personal life. The White House responded swiftly to elena recent Washington Post blog that claimed Electro sex stimulation tens Kagan would be the first gay person to sit on the court partner issuing a strong denial that she was homosexual.

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That in turn prompted questions about whether or not that response was demeaning to gays because it implied being gay was something undesirable. In an attempt to lay the issue to rest, friends of the former dean of Harvard Law School have publicly said she is not gay. One was Eliot Spitzer, the former governor of New York kagan resigned after he was caught using an exclusive prostitution service.