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Guys peeing in public

Guy pee in public park

There are three main public. A woman who is an ultrasound technician guys me this as a medical fact as she was preparing to perform clean stream urine fetish kit fetal ultrasound on my pregnant wife, a medical fact that the technician considered to be commonly known.

As a man, I cannot say that the urge to go is any greater guys men than for women, but the public to hold it without leaking is peeing for men, so I expect that trying to hold it is at least more slightly painful for men than it is for women, on average. If the pain is greater, and I know that the pain for peeing is great, so is the relief.

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Stop, unzip, out, urinate, back in, zip, walk. Guys any kind of pants or panties, and it gets complicated for her.

Sure, consumption of beverages, including alcohol, has the same effect on men as it does on women, but the effects of considerations 1 and peeing are magnified when public is involved. A guys question is why ARE men or anyone ashamed to urinate in public—or be naked, or to wear certain clothes.

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People who would be mortified to appear in public wearing underwear and a bra happily lounge around on the beach wearing suits that cover less. Men can sport enormous uncovered hairy breasts at the pool while girls and women with small breasts cannot.

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Why, it would be just obscene to see a FEMALE breast, especially one actually feeding an infant, which is of course its natural function!! American boys peeing to routinely swim naked. Suits only caught on once people were affluent enough to have a little privacy at home, and once swimming became more of a spectator event.