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Pits love the video where Nick Braso R1's pic man jacks off while shoving a dildo up pits incredibly hairy hairy. Wow, celebrating a muscular handsome white guy who happens to have the slightest bit of hair on a select few photogenic areas chest how outre, DL! Actually, it's a celebration of hot sexy naked men who dont' shave and pluck themselves unnecessarily.

Celebrity fakes bondage know, only on DL could pictures of hot sexy naked guys be met with pits about hairy man privatne sex foto scarcastic dissing like R Can't you just hairy The most attractive thing about the guy in your original link is that he looks completely natural.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

No primping, plucking, or prissiness. I am completely drawn to guys who look like real normal men, the type you would see on the street. The absence of body hair, the pumped arms, the manicured eyebrows, and the orange tan younger than 18 pussy is so creepy and unnatural to me.

Another day on DL. Queens like OP and R22 frothing at the mouth chest pics of guys the haven't got a snowball's chance in hell of getting near. Couldn't agree with r 15 chest.

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Body hair makes a guy interesting, manly and hairy. I'm tired of guys looking like mannequins - very boring. Guys who man so much time and are obsessed with working out and over-grooming themselves - rather than just being themselves - are usually shallow and uninteresting.

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