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How to give yourself a breast massage

How to Massage Your Breasts to Make Them Bigger

Breast massage can be a relaxing experience that you can have performed on you, or that you can perform on yourself in the privacy of your own home. Along with being relaxing and pleasurable, breast massage can improve the blood flow and drain excess lymph fluid from the breasts.

It is possible that breast massage may reduce the risk of breast cancer.

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Here is how you can give a breast massage to yourself or someone else. Decide which breast you will massage first.

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Apply breast cream, hand lotion or baby oil to the breast using your hands. Starting at the nipples, slide your fingertips outward, smoothing the breast as you go. Use light pressure, as you might if you were stroking a baby's head.

Your finger strokes should also be slow and deliberate. Stroke the circumference of the breast, always beginning at the nipple and massaging toward the outer body.

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