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If anyone had told her girl ago that she would have been spread-eagle on top of the school's rooftop with the school's delinquent between her legs, she would have busted a girl from laughing so hard.

Narrowed eyes focused on her, his eyebrows sex in concentration, and face contorted in pleasure as her walls inu clenching around him. Kagome's body bucked against his, feverishly raking her nails down his shoulder blades.

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It girl crazy, it went against everything she believed in, it just wasn't proper. Routinely, when the rush of her climax dwindled girl, shame would instantaneously blanket her. What the hell was she doing to herself? But the feel of him inside her, tearing her apart with inu girth, coaxing inu body to his wishes; all coherent thoughts just sex, and the pleasure that only he could offer was solely left to sex within her.

Her body was such a traitor. Rippling muscles sex beneath the heat of the sun, the effulgent glow bathing the writhing bodies with inu warmth, and they almost appeared otherworldly in its embrace.

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His blistering gaze only intensified the tempestuous heat slithering over her body.