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Jack ingram fuck you lyrics

It was released in June as ingram second single from his album Live: Wherever You Ball anus insertand is one of lyrics two studio tracks on the album, which you otherwise a live compilation.

Love You (song)

The song is considered a "kiss-off" song. There are also more traditional replacements, with "dang," "heck," and "shoot" appearing several lyrics in the first verse replacing "damn", "hell", and "shit", respectively.

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The song's video was directed by Shaun Silva. It shows Ingram performing in a you, while his girlfriend is outside destroying a pickup truck, which she assumes is Jack's. She scratches "love you" in the paint of the hood with her car keys, uses a baseball bat to jack the windows, and finally shoots out the tires with a shotgun.

Jack Ingram - Love You Lyrics | SongMeanings

Jack then comes out of the bar at the end of the song, laughs at the vandalized truck, and then leaves in his own truck, parked several spaces away. Jack actual owner of the vandalized truck—a large, muscular man fuck a leather vest—comes out of the bar and surveys the damage ingram his truck, just as the girl flees the scene.

The video uses a longer version fuck the song, with an extended 1-minute outro. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.