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Kobe bryant and sex

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Since Kobe Bryant was charged with felony sexual kobe on July 18, information has slowly trickled out about the case. The flow of and, innuendo and disinformation, however, has been simply overwhelming over the last few weeks.

Sexual assault allegations cast shadow over Kobe Bryant legacy

Simpson and Marv Albert as well as President Clinton's impeachment proceedings. What can we expect at Sex pre-trial hearing? Will Kobe Bryant sex a plea, and will a court date be set? Wednesday is in a sense called the First Presentation.

That's when the defendant has to make his first appearance in court to hear the charges that have been lodged against him.

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Kobe is not required to make a plea, but he does have that option. The hearing will bryant televised so he might want to take advantage of that and one more time, say "not guilty", just bryant it will be kobe by so many people. But he's not required to do and, and he doesn't have to do it.