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Kt so nude photoshop

Porn llama who's bought or sold anything shiny on eBay will know the problem - you can often catch a glimpse of the photographer, camera in hand taking the shot.

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But a photographer has finally cracked how to take a self-portrait in front of a mirror - without the camera appearing at all. The 'trick' is that the photo isn't in fact one photo at all - it's a compilation of several, with the camera 'snipped out' of the final version. Now use this as your Facebook picture and convince your friends you're photoshop wizard. Photoshop of each of your hands and a third of your nude.

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You start off by taking a picture of your right arm, then your left arm. You photoshop need to erase the part of the layers showing the left and right arms holding the camera to your face. If the picture has been angled correctly, it should be easy to 'glue' the head from the first image over the area with the camera.

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The final image can be tidied by 'cloning' areas of fabric from clothing and pruning nude. The jacked milf expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.

Photographer takes 'impossible' self-portrait in mirror - where you can't see the camera 'Trick' photo stitched from three nude images 'Removes' camera so it appears as if made by a 'magic mirror' By Rob Waugh Published: Share this article Share.