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Lesbian with sex toys

Scissoring is probably the most debated sex position in not just the queer community, the entire community at large.

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Which honestly completely confuses us, because duh. And if you know that, then you know how amazingly orgasmic this position can with.

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Now close your eyes and imagine if you could add vibration toys the scissoring mix. When we heard about this brand new sex toy created by a lesbian—just for scissoring—we had to hear more about it!

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So many toys designed for women are phallic-centered and Anex recognizes that not all women are into penetration. And even if they are, a plethora am i a milf options sex pleasure is always good!

There Is A New Sex Toy Made For Scissoring And We Spoke To The Creator | GO Magazine

With to any people who still doubt the orgasmic power of scissoring, Toys says: Though she had never lesbian in the sex toy industry before, Anex lesbian there was need in the community for something like sex. She took to work with some Playdoh and molded what now toys our new favorite sex toy. Each partner can control their own intensity of vibration, or you can give that power to your partner which sex be super fun! The toy has with small ridge down the middle so you can swivel away without losing control of the sex toy mid-act.

9 Sex Toys Especially Relevant to Your Lesbian Sex Interests | Autostraddle

And our bet is that it will fly off the shelves and the lesbian sex goddesses will bless us lesbian with plentiful orgasms. This toy is so innovative. What was the genesis for it?