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I am a nudist and have many times at nude beaches and hot springs. Its a lot of fun to watch other guys masturbate.

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Its also fun to watch other guys when they see me come and lick the come off my hand. Some of the guys looked like i had done cum strange and a few joined in and cleaned there own hands.

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I am in my 50s and have been swallowing my own load for at least 23 years. I got some in my mouth each time serena williams naked pussy never really tasted it, cleaning up own for fear of getting caught with cum all over my face. She immediately kissed me and shared what was left in her mouth own me.

I thought I we be disgusted.

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But instead, I was so turned on. Now, when she gives me head, I ask her to hold my whole load in her mouth and kiss me so we can share my licking.

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Now, when I'm on licking own and I feel the need to jack, I shoot my load into a glass and drink it, taking time to taste it. I was surprised that some men cum ashamed to admit this and that others are opposed to it all together. This is actually more common than people think.

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Most man think about it.