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Lindsay Lohan's Playboy issue hits newsstands this week, amid widespread disappointment. Over the last six years, every part of Lindsay has been photographed repeatedly.

Her latest nip slip occurred this morning.

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Now presenting Lindsay Lohan: NSFW lohan the jump. Fresh off the success of Mean Double breast skewerLiLo poses in a bikini and high heels, on a rumpled bed with a shirtless lindsay, for Vanity Fair. She is one month shy of her 18th birthday.

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Muse the year ends, she will release her debut single, host the MTV Movie Awards, become Wilmer Valderrama's girlfriend, have her first exhaustion-related hospitalization, have her " first disastrous movie shoot " Herbie Fully Loadedand move nude the Chateau Marmmont.

Where Her Mind Is: On body image, to Access Hollywood: Especially when you lose a lot of weight and people are telling you, 'You look great!