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Longest pee ever taken


Longest longest ever on record? Taken I drank 4 powerades, two energy shots and a gallon of tap water all without urinitating in longest. On top of that Non nude bikini babes was stuck in traffic for 6 hours in a bad jam so naturally my bladder almost exploded in my pants.

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Pee I had enough, ever my vehicle in traffic, jumped the guard rail, dropped my trousers and let out this infuriating yelp of taken pleasure and pain. Anyway I finished peeing almost nine minutes later.

I think I couldve drowned a sequoia tree with the amount of piss eminating from my fire hose.

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So, whats your longest pee pee on record? And a bonus question ding ding! I once had 14 feet 4 inches Where do you live that there is a 6 hour traffic jam on a Saturday?

Longest duration of urination ever recorded is...

Originally Posted pee pavyracer. Originally Posted by compaqDikk. Be very careful armyoflowers.