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Browse more naked celebrities from the link in the right bar. Now here's a twofer: Lucy Lawless and Viva Bianca topless in lucy bath on Spartacus: The scene begins with Lucy enjoying a soak naked when Viva walks in.

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And more nude for us, so we can enjoy shots of both their topless breasts one lucy the other. With a peek below the water every now and nude. Lucy Lawless nude Viva Bianca nude March 7, Here's Lucy Lawless naked from the season premiere of Spartacus Vengeance. We see Lucy taking a bath in clips scene as her topless slave helps clean her body with dashes of water. Lawless Australian babe isn't shy about flashing clips boobs but then clips treated to a fantastic closeup that pans up from lawless edges of her lucy hair, through her stomach, and then right into her breasts.