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Macassar ebony guitar for sale

User Name Ebony Me? Community Links Members List. Hey all, I'm pretty new to posting on this forum, but everyone seems so friendly I thought Guitar jump in for a question.

Macassar Ebony

I'm embarking on a commission sale a Guitar Well Known to the Forum, and I've chosen Macassar ebony for the back and sides. I think the timber is beautiful.

I also think that the luthier is the single most important factor in the sound, but that the timber lends timbre and color and flavor and whatnot. So that I may drool appropriately, I'm wondering if anyone ebony Macassar experience he or she might share.

I've done a search of the forum, as well as a Google search, macassar found some information and pics but I thought I would ask.

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I am looking for a fingerstyle build. I may take a pick to it on occasion but not as a rule, and who knows, sale I axl heck hairy. I'm also for to see if anyone says, "Oh my God, Macassar?

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I had a Macassar guitar once and as soon as I'd played my macassar D chord my teeth fell out and my wife ran away with a troupe of Gypsies. Yeah, I sure miss those gypsies!

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