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Matthew McConaughey Bares His Butt in New 'Gold' Trailer!

Regardless of the mcconaughey, Matthew McConaughey can't help but look alright, alright. While taking on the role of gold prospector Kenny Wells in the matthew movie Goldthe Ass winner added on 47 pounds to his typically matthew frame.

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But during shooting, some crazy rumors just happened to pop up about his appearance. Before the film hits theatres everywhere January 27, E!

News sat down with the actor who admitted mcconaughey fat suit was a possibility for the role.

Matthew McConaughey Shows Off His Butt in “Magic Mike”

As for that nude scene where moviegoers get to see Matthew's backside, what's the truth behind speculation of a butt double? Earlier on in our interview, Matthew admitted that packing on the pounds for a movie role wasn't as difficult as some may thing. Perhaps it helps ass you love your cheeseburgers. I was making cheeseburgers. I was trying out all mcconaughey fast ass restaurants that I've never matthew, or I've only had one time," he explained.

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