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Meg white nude video

From the little we've been able to glean about her, Meg White didn't seem the kind of rock star who would ever generate the headline "Meg White sex tape furore" - yet there it is on nme. The "furore", which is in response to a grainy video of a woman who may free pussy movie galleries may not be the White Stripes drummer enjoying the company of a nude friend, has divided viewers into two camps.

Something's not quite right with the Meg White sex tape | Music | The Guardian

One refuses to believe it's actually White, while the other is convinced it is, and reacts with typical pubescent video behaviour. Within the latter group is dream teens porn faction that thinks soccer mom nude dick leaking of white tape is the real reason the White Stripes cancelled upcoming US and UK tours, nude than the official explanation, which was that Meg was suffering video meg anxiety ".

White makes you wonder. No, not meg whether it's her on the tape personally, I can't imagine the unnervingly introverted White cutting loose in quite this waybut about why the explanation would be questioned.

Meg White nude

Perhaps it's because conditions such as "exhaustion" often turn out to be euphemisms for something more scandalous just as "I was researching a film role" has become the standard excuse for really off-the-wall behaviour. But "anxiety" figures so rarely as a reason for cancelling a commitment that it rings true.

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Furthermore, the idea that Meg would duck out of touring because the public now know what she looks like without clothes doesn't wash. The woman is a rock drummer - she has more backbone than that.

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The doubters should just accept that, to misquote Freud, sometimes anxiety is just anxiety. You have to ask, though, why it's always the sex tapes featuring meg celebrities that go round the internet like wildfire.

The most recent celeb to be so immortalised is Vanessa Hudgens of Disney's sickly High School Musical, who posed for "intimate" pictures that found their way online. The resultant uproar jeopardised her job, and she was forced to issue a grovelling apology.