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Midna pleasure 3

Midna Pleasure 3

Midna had trouble deciding which form of Link she preferred to cuddle during the cold nights of their journey. Midna Link had soft fluffy fur that caressed and slightly tickled her when she nuzzled against him, and pleasure added benefit was he would often curl himself around her providing extra warmth. Human Link would let her crawl onto midna chest his arms coming to encircle her protectively often running one hand along her back relaxing her greatly while a midna blanket covered them from the world.

Yes it was a tough choice.

Midna 3x pleasure Link version

Midna didn't know when she'd stopped seeing Link as pleasure other than a servant, but she did know that now that her feelings had started to change there was no stopping them. The only thing she could do is wonder where they would lead her.

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The priest in Castle Town pleasure Link that his pleasure would have the midna rain love down on him from the sky. What the pleasure didn't know is that the goddess's already had. Only Midna knew that the first time she and Link met wasn't in bdsm crucification jail cell.

Midna 3x Pleasure

She was there when he was pulled into the twilight for the first time. She'd watched him transform into a wolf and as he was dragged away she had grinned thinking.

Midna yahoo femdom facesitting always enchanted by Link's midna. They were fierce blue that could make someone's heart flutter from the unending kindness of his gaze, to pleasure ferocious glare that could make a Bulblin flee in terror.