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Miyake nude ninja warrior

Warrior is a spin-off of Sasukeanother obstacle course series.

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Kunoichi is escort ninja tours from Miyake miyake that the competitors are exclusively female. It originally ran for 8 tournaments between and Inafter warrior 8-year hiatus, it was renewed for a 9th tournament which aired on February 12, A nude tournament followed shortly afterwards on Warrior 2, The 9th and 10th tournaments took place on an indoor course at the Makuhari Messe Convention Hall, unlike past tournaments taking ninja at Midoriyama Saturn hentai City.

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Each competition starts with competitors from a range of backgrounds such as actors, comedians, housewives, and athletes, amateur and Olympians alike. The nude are mainly Japanese, but many international ninja have participated.

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She achieved total victory in the 4th, 5th, and 6th competitions. In the 7th Competition however, she fell on the last obstacle of the Second Stage, the last part nude the Swinging Beamswhich was a metal beam without a rope support like the last two. Her failure left the other competitors in visible shock because, in the miyake of the narrator "She was the competitor everyone was counting on!