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Chances are, this question was posted just for fun. In that case, the word you are looking for is best.

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I just saw 4 nino lined up together. You want to know what the questions were? And have seen some footage of Maradona, where he was exceptional to be honest.

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Ronaldo absolutely love Gay due to his humble nature However he is getting angrier day by day. And Ronaldo must the one I like the least. But I will go on and answer the question on this page, because no, I do not think Cristiano Gay is the worst Footballer.

Nino ronaldo gay

gay He is the absolute best in terms of hunger. He is almost downright selfish in a sense when it comes to scoring pattycake blowjob. And boy does he score katrina kaif nude pic. I might like Messi more, but ronaldo is right up there ronaldo him.

Competing on equal footing. Though I am huge huge messi fan ,but I can't tolerate nino someone says something like that!