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Nude beaches in kos

Finding a decent kos beach beach in Europe can be difficult however, on the beautiful Greek island of Kos is Polemi Beach which joins onto Magic Beach and it is a true slice of naked paradise.

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Polemi Beach, or Exotic Beach as it is also nude is a beautiful slice of coastal paradise irrespective of what the clothing beaches are. This beaches strip of coastline has the fresh smell of pine from the steven kesslar escort behind, the Mediterranean in kos and a whole heap beaches powdery white sand nude and is our first choice to get away from the crowds.

Given that Kos is a naturist beach, very few families come here so it is quiet.

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My type of holiday! Follow the road down past the restaurant which is handy for lunch but not nudist and turn left where the road splits.

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After this people start arriving en mass to claim the remaining loungers. Polemi Beach on the Greek Island of Kos is the perfect and relaxing destination for those determined not to head home with tan lines.

Nudist beaches on Kos - Tigaki Forum

Grab yourself a good book, pull up a sun lounger and leave your worries and clothes behind when you turn left onto Polemi Beach. Finally, here is a 2 minute video synopsis of my time in Kos. If you fancy reading another of my Kos blogs, nude click the link!