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Nude male life models

Life models will find this page a great reference for coming up with poses for nude figure drawing sessions. Figurative artists will find this page life great reference if they want to practice life models between sessions.

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However, two dimensional pictures can never replace drawing from a live model. Web sites showing model poses. Hey, could you list my website in your category: Thanks, really appreciate it. I have been life male for over 12 years.

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I came into the modelling work late in life being 65 now. I have nude the tumblr blog so life would be models can see some models the poses I do. It is far from complete and I will be adding to it over time.

Nude Poses

I hope it gives some inspiration to young males to take up modelling and they can see what male older guy can do so they, I am sure, can do better. I am pleased to say I am still in demand by art groups, art colleges, universities and adult education.

I suppose I must be getting something right.