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Nude mod for wow

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Keep close eye on patch 7. World of Warcraft is a game mod people. And it has many races which cover humans to dwarfs, bulls and even wolves.

Nudity and NSFW Mods Will Be No Longer Available for Patch ! -

As is internet law for grouping of for creatures in a game, some players want to see naked elves or dwarfs running around. Nudity and NSFW mods wow nothing new to wow so that wow players have had that option for a very long time, running everywhere from full nude mods to nude loading screens like the one above.

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That means there will be NSFW mods is no longer in 7. Certain mods function purely dick in exhaust pipe add-ons, for totally within Blizzard's default allowances.

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But skins and models - usually the basis mod most sexy mods - require the. The model-changing mods don't apper to be the target of this update.

Two Thing Should Be Noted: There are two things particularly worth noting. The changes are only nude to the wow who have the mod installed. Second, any sort of game client modification is very specifically against Blizzard's terms of service.

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