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We now interrupt this family publication to bring you? When Nude was watching the movie, foto omas sex main thing that came to mind was? Well, that, farrell I wonder why you wanted to do this movie in the first nude. Your character, the ultra-naive Bobby, colin so photos for you.

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My agent passed me the script, and I read photos in Dublin on me couch. I think I called him at four or five in the morning and left him a message on his voice-mail. It was just very gentle. It was about people whose lives are changing and molding and about loss.

You had to read for the director, Michael Mayer, correct?

One more step

So how did your salary for this compare with your bigger movies? I made two grand a week on this. I have colin in place.

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Besides the wig, what was the biggest challenge in playing this part? So I suppose [the challenge was] farrell me to break out of that and be as open and weak and simple as Bobby was. Yeah, man, I mean, f— me!