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Sunday marked a brand-new episode of Total Divas and so much happened.

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The episode starts on the pier with John Cena and Nikki Bellawho have been broken up because Nikki wants marriage and John doesn't. Then John makes a startling revelation.

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John tells Nikki that he recognizes all of the sacrifices that she pictures for him and he wants to do the same for her. He promises to make more time for her — if she'll have him back. Nikki says yes and the two share a passionate kiss. John not a cena proposal but it's definitely a step in the right direction.

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Only time will tell There are flat-screen TVs, nude master bathroom and a built-in wine cellar. This looks like Bon Jovi's tour bus. At lunch with the Divas, Brie announces that she convinced Daniel to get a bus and invites everyone to ride with her.

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Nikki declines, saying that she'd rather sleep in a king-size bed on John's bus as opposed to a bunk bed on the Braniel bus.