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Paula patton in the nude

Paula Patton is the wife of musician Robin Thicke and has starred in films such as Mission: Impossible - Ghost ProtocolIdlewild and London.

Paula Patton nude

Paula Patton of Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol fame showing bare breasts as she fixes a drink while wearing nothing but a pair of red panties. She kneels down on a bed beside a guy and talks to him, her nipples peeking out from behind nude long hair.

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Paula Patton pulling her shirt off over her head patton reveal patton bra and panties underneath as she climbs onto the bed with a guy and lays down on top of him. Paula Patton being watched on a large the as she removes her panties and steps naked into a shower, showing her bare ass and her breasts before pulling the shower curtain closed.


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A guy then climbs in through her window and we see Paula still in her underwear as she makes out with the guy, paula a robe as well that hangs open nude front.

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