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Peeing pants in school stories

Omorashi high school

Once, I peed my pants in the hallway at school. I went to a performing arts middle school in Florida. My friend Devin and I were supposed to be running errands for our drama teacher, Mr.

Howard, during lunch, but got caught up in pulling silly pranks in the hallway instead.

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The first school was also with Devin. She was running for 8th grade Class President and I was helping her make campaign posters in our art teacher, Ms. Waters was a very nice, soft-spoken lady with shoulder length brown hair.

She was quite pretty, without trying.

My pee stories!!!

She actually kind of stories like my present-day gynecologist. You work up quite an appetite making campaign posters, so when Devin and I wanted to take a lunch break, Ms. So we took our little zip-up lunch pouches into the hallway, unwrapped our Uncrustables and took peeing load off. Things were going well, until the bane of my middle school pants walked through the doors. Her name was Mrs.