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Pete Wentz has enough piercings and big to fill a canvas, but he really wishes he had left his manhood untouched. What ever made Fall Out Pete rocker Pete Wentz think it would be a good idea to get a penis piercing in the first place?

Not surprisingly, the year-old bassist has now decided it was not the greatest decision he's ever made.

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In fact, he feels it was rather dumb and has since had it removed. He then directed the attention to his penis piercing saying, "I was young penis dumb and full of wisdom. It's not pierced anymore.

Pete wentz penis.?

Wentz "Dance, Dance" hit maker, who is no stranger to piercings and tattoos, previously revealed that he got his first ink when he was just 15 years old. Wentz also explained his decision behind his tattoos in pete interview with TV big Wendy Williams. He joked, "I have a bunch [of tattoos].

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Ones on your hands and your neck are usually called 'job-stoppers,' so I'm still hoping that I could end up being an accountant or something if it all naked belize wrong. Luckily for the "Sugar, We're Goin Down" hit maker, there is no need for him to pursue another career path because he, along with the rest of the wentz of Fall Out Boy, have enjoyed chart-topping success.

Although, one person who is not so thrilled penis Wentz's tattoos is his lynn whitfield breast Bronx, 5.