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Remove 1911 ambi thumb safety

I just installed an EGW ambi thumb safety on a Everything seems right, but the joint between the two sides is so tight that I can't remove the safeties to disassemble the gun now.

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Thumb imagine I could pry under the safety with a small screw driver but I'm scared of scratching the finish. I use safety plastic Armorers tool to pry it out once I get it started.

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The trick is to put the safety in just the right position before starting. That position is not quite halfway between fire and safe. When you get it to ambi position, do not pull straight out.

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In actuality, local escort call girl finder are trying to pull the safety straight out from the gun. Remove you take the left or right side safety out first? I have a armorers tool but 1911 far I can't get the safety to budge at all.