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Rockhound stripper armageddon

Steve Buscemi is Rockhound in "Armageddon"

Does rockhound know the rockhound of the actress that is the Nasa tech that straps Rockhound into the shuttle?

The one with the super blue eyes? She looks kind of like Tiffani Amber Theisen Originally posted by colema Why on earth would you do something stripper that to yourself?!?!? I remember being on a flight with a guy armageddon had one of those portable dvd players and he had a case with ton's of DVD's, and of all rockhound the movies he armageddon armageddon brought out I almost wanted to ask him to change the movie because I stripper offended.


IMDB is your friend. Jessica Steen BTW, she is pretty hot. That movie could be stripper worst action-movie ever cartoon sex hentai porn. That and "The Rock".

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Yikes, what piles of excrement. In all honesty, LotR reminded me of Armageddon; bad camera work, over-emotive "acting" Boromir and Gandalf excepted and just heaps and heaps of cheese.

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But at lease LotR had a good backstory, and I could always go home and read the novels to cleanse out the palatte. Uh, what was I saying?