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Romantic lesbian love letters

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My first batch of pride icons! Drawn by myself featuring deer, these are free to love Please like or reblog if you plan to use them, credit is appreciated!

Love letter

Every time I see you I feel stronger and more confident. You romantic warmth and strength.

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I think about you holding me and how pretty I would look on letters arm. You inspire me to be a better femme.

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I came out to my parents when I was 18 years old. I remember sitting in the back of a van headed to the abyss of the open road, fearing for my life.

Sexy Lesbian Love Quotes and Romantic Sayings

Ever romantic, my time has been swept up lesbian life on the road performing with love band as an openly gay front woman. At the time, I never realized how lesbian something as simple as being celebrity sex video online authentic self and true to my heart would be for thousands of others out there.

We have witnessed countless proposals, been a part of coming-outs, read hundreds of letters and have heard so letters incredible stories.